Team Selection

Every year the club fields a team for the British Universities College and Sport (BUCS) Fencing League. This involves team matches across all three weapons against other British universities, requiring the club to select a men's and women's team for each weapon. The process of selection is as follows:

  • A day is selected for try-outs and all club members are informed well in advance. Try-outs take the form of a single, split gender poule for each weapon. Fencers are welcome to try out for multiple weapons.

  • The captains will keep a record of each fencer who tried out - their style, attitude and results.

  • After the try-outs, the captains will then select the fencers for the team. Selection is at captain's discretion - although the results of the try-outs are heavily influential they do not guarantee team placings.


The team is not limited to the fencers that have tried out but that will be taken into account. The team is not static, changes will be made if it has been deemed that a fencer is not committed and needs to be replaced.


Note : Only Dundee University students are eligible to be part of the club's team, but other members are welcome to participate in the try-outs to provide a wider pool of fencers to fence against.